Wow, what an insane 6 months.  We just wanted to check in and give you an update on our business post lockdown!

On Friday 18th March, Phil came back from the office having made the decision to temporarily shut the business.  The “official” lockdown hadn’t started but it felt wrong to be going in and out of different houses.  As with every business, we were not sure what the future would hold.  However we were grateful that we had built a solid business over 12 years and we could sit still for a while.

Lockdown projectDuring those first couple of weeks we were so impressed with our staff.  Those with young children took on the role of teacher, one of our fitters signed up to become a supermarket delivery driver. Our estimator Andy took over childcare to enable his wife to continue working in school.  Last but not least Phil used the empty Ocean Shutters van to help our lovely local greengrocers with all of their deliveries.  When the deliveries were done he then tackled the huge bag of old finger parquet that I’ve been tripping over in the garage for the past year and made it into a bed… just can’t stop fitting parquet!

Lockdown lifts..

Then suddenly we were back… “go back to work if you can” was the message. Could we?  Should we? Would people want us in their houses?  So our plan was to slowly start to re-open with perhaps just Phil in the office and bring back 1 or 2 fitters.   Since that day I don’t think we’ve even taken a breath.  The enquiries streamed in and have continued to do so.  We needed to get all our fitters back pronto and have both Phil, Andy and the office staff working at full speed.

For that we are very grateful, obviously the news has been very doom and gloom but the amount of time people have been spending in their homes has had a positive impact on us.  Logistics are still a bit tricky, many of our suppliers used to deliver on a daily basis but now deliver weekly.  Also as many factories shut down production entirely during lockdown, stock can sometimes be an issue.  However, as always we make sure we are honest with our customers so that we can manage your expectations.

Our social media has been a little quieter than normal as our focus at the moment is maintaining service during this busy period.  However with a photoshoot booked for a couple of weeks time, we will be bring you lots more lovely interiors photos soon.

We hope during this time you have all managed to stay well and thank you once again for supporting our business.

The Ocean Flooring Team

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