Trends come and go, we’ve had the “Hygge” phase where our sales of white oiled wood went through the roof.  We are still going strong with the “parquet” phase with our fitters laying lots of little blocks on a daily basis.  However throughout all of this, carpet has remained a constant.

Alternative Flooring Quirky B Zebo

No matter what the current interiors trend is, carpet can adapt to fit right in.  2016 saw a definite move towards all things Nordic, neutral colours, cosy textures, natural products and whilst sales of wood rocketed, carpet made sure it wasn’t left behind.   Alternative Flooring’s Barefoot Collection gave us the beauty of natural undyed wool carpets handcrafted on traditional looms.  These ticked all the boxes with regards to both look and eco credentials.

In the past year we have definitely seen a move towards bolder prints.  After meeting ROLS carpets at Decorex in 2017 we have installed their beautiful Carla Hounsdtooth into a number of different properties in Brighton.  For those who want to flirt with pattern but not take it too far, consider a stair runner.

Look at how great Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Zebo looks on our clients staircase.  Feeling a little bolder, take a look at Hugh Mackay’s Kingstone Zig Zag stripe which we recently installed into a country property in Sussex.

So why choose carpet?

Hugh Mackay Zig Zag

With so many other products on the market, why do we keep returning to carpet?  Cormar Carpets have written a great piece for their blog explaining exactly why, you can read this in more detail here… but to summarise their words:

  1. It’s warm
  2. It’s easy to clean
  3. It’s quieter
  4. It’s good for allergies
  5. There’s more choice

How can we help?

It’s great to have a wide choice but sometimes too much choice is a little overwhelming.  However, our estimators have over 50 years of experience between them so in bringing the samples to you, your ideas can unfold in the natural light of your home.  They can advise on the best choice for you based on your needs, living style and budget.

Let us help you to make the right choice!