By guest blogger Clare Topham from Clare Topham Interior Design

We obviously can talk all day about flooring (that would be an exciting conversation wouldn’t it), however in this blog we’ve invited Clare Topham, one of Brighton’s leading interior designers to give you her views on why choosing the right floor is so important

Don’t over look your flooring!

How many times have you been round to a friends, whist they are doing some refurb work, to see a multicoloured array of tester pot patches on the wall? I’m sure most paint companies are making a mint out of those alone!

We agonise and discuss our new wall colours at great length.. Will it make the room feel cold? Is it too dark? Is it too brown a grey or to bluey? You know the drill… yet we don’t give the same attention to our poor neglected floors, which are covering a great deal of our space, are not normally hidden behind art work and mirrors and take allot more of a battering.

So its time to look down and have a good think about whats under your feet, carpets have come along way since it was the obligatory cream option.

My advice is to  start thinking about the flooring from the outset, your practical needs are of course important….

Does it need to be hard wearing for children and pets, warm underfoot or is soundproofing an issue? Then move on to the look your after, don’t be afraid of being bold and adding a stripe to the carpet or pattern, a check or textured finish can really add an extra element of interest. With wood flooring there are a great range of solutions and engineered boards make it practical for all types of rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Importantly get hold of those samples and invite your mates round for a good look at the floor for once!

If you’d like any help on picking out flooring or any other element of interior design we offer a one off home consultation for £200, invaluable advice to help you get a great look whilst avoiding costly mistakes.