We are really pleased to feature a post on our blog by guest blogger Ben Hillman, a renowned interior designer based in Brighton who many of you will recognise from him from many of ITV and Channel 4’s interiors programmes.

When it comes to great interiors there’s one element that you’ve just got to get right, as I’ve always said, “good design starts from the floor up”.  With the exception of about eight hours a day, we’re pretty much in contact with it constantly and our relationship with it becomes all the more intimate when we get back home and kick off our shoes.

Seeing as your floor makes up approximately 25% of your homes surfaces and it’s the only surface we walk, sit or lie on, it only makes sense to put it right at the top of our list or priorities when budgeting for our home.

All too often I hear people discussing their flooring as an ill considered after thought in the misguided pursuit of budget stretching.  This for me is false economy, like buying a cheap mattress or cheap walking boots, yes they’ll do for a while but they won’t be comfortable or stand the test of time.  You’ll soon find yourself replacing and spending out all over again.

As so many of us look to create a lighter, brighter, modern interiors we find that the walls of our homes are becoming much more muted and softer and the floors are now where it’s at when it comes to texture, pattern and colour.  There really is so much choice from carpet, sisal, luxury vinyl tiles, wood, rubber.. the list goes on!  Then there’s the huge array of colours, patterns and textures, check out Louis de Poortere, Alternative Flooring, Fibre and Karndean to name but a few.

Floors are one of the most important elements in any interior designers armoury, they can be fundamental in defining seperate zones within an open plan space, moving from a vinyl tiled kitchen/diner to a carpeted living room or unifying the entire house as they seamlessly flow through every room.

If you are willing to push the budget and let the floors do the talking you’ll actually find yourself spending less on the rest of the interior.