When discussing home decor, you often hear the term “lets bring the outside in”. Well how about taking the “inside out” with our easy to design range of outdoor rugs.

We don’t get months of wall to wall sunshine here in the UK but those snippets we get send us into a frenzy to get the outdoors looking nice.  In recent years, garden design has gone up a notch, no longer will just a few flower pots suffice.  Festoon lights are strung up and outdoor cushions are being scattered in a bid to create eye catching “outdoor rooms”.

A recent emerging trend for gardens is the outdoor rug.  It’s practical and a great way to inject a splash of colour or pattern into your outdoor space.  Obviously there’s nothing to stop you using a traditional carpet rug outdoors but with our rather unpredictable weather you may be constantly checking the weather report to see if it needs to be bought in.

So how can we help?

Alternative Flooring’s Faux Carpet.

Well luckily for you, some of our great suppliers are doing a fine range in water resistant faux flooring.  Unnatural Flooring’s range of washable sisal, washable flat weave and woven vinyl’s can all be made into rugs.  As well as being water resistant, these are stain resistant, UV stable and very hard wearing.

Or why not take advantage of our Make Your Own Rug option. You can choose any one of Alternative Flooring’s Faux Carpets range and have a rug made in the exact size you require.

Summer isn’t here for long so lets spend as much time as possible outside in our beautiful outdoor living space.