Magnolia walls and cream carpet??? Not any more… as a  nation we are becoming far bolder with our interior choices. The arrival of Pinterest in 2010 enabled us all to have access to design ideas right across the world.  We could type in “small living room ideas” and a whole host of pictures would come up from cool cabins in Alaska to funky studios in Stockwell.

We noticed in our initial consultations with customers people would often say – “I can send over my Pinterest board to you”.  So how does this link with patterned carpets you ask?

With more access to images we are becoming braver.  Coloured walls and funky wallpaper have been having a moment for a number of years.  Striped carpets also have been increasingly popular over the past 6-8 years.  However we’ve shied away from full patterns… perhaps the image of a grotty pub carpet is still too vivid in our minds.

However, there is a patterned carpet resurgence.  In the last 18 months we are seeing a steady increase in sales of patterned carpets.  Brighton folk are always up for making a statement and are keen to inject an element of fun into their homes.

Many of our suppliers are pushing this trend. Alternative Flooring have been leaders in this market working with Liberty Fabrics, Margo Selby and more recently Ella Doran and Divine Savages to create gorgeous designs for their Quirky B range and their Stair Art Runner Collection.

So how do you introduce patterned carpet into your home?

Well if you are unsure about patterns, the stairs are always a good place to start.  Any of our carpets can be made into a stair runner.  You can choose from whipped edging to a tape edge in either a complementary colour or a clashing colours if you’re feeling brave.

Still not sure?  Then how about a rug? Like the stair runners, we can make a rug out of any of our carpets or hop onto our Make Your Own Rug link on our website.  This allows you to choose any Alternative Flooring floor covering and shows you what the rug will look like with your choice of binding.  The rug will be delivered directly to us here at Ocean Flooring ready for you to pick up.

Patterns don’t have to be bright clashing colours, we’ve recently been installing a lot of Moquetas Rols carpet, their Carla Houndstooth is a subtle navy and white pattern which sits comfortably in most surroundings.  Or feeling adventurous???  These clients went for Alternative Flooring’s Quirky B Zebo on their stairs and it looks great!

Whether you are the shy and retiring type or slightly louder and bolder, there is a pattern to suit you.  Go on treat yourself, it’ll brighten up your day every day!

Moquetas Rols Carla Houndstooth